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Game Genie codes for Gameboy (U--Z)

Ultima Runes of Virtue(tm) Game
1 FA5-F3F-4C1 + FA4-00C-4C1 Infinite energy
2 FAB-5BF-4C1 Infinite money
Shamino codes only--can't use with Journey Onward option:
3 106-2B8-B3E Start with dexterity of 10
4 306-2B8-B3E Start with dexterity of 30
5 506-2B8-B3E Start with dexterity of 50
6 106-2C8-B3E Start with strength of 10
7 306-2C8-B3E Start with strength of 30
8 506-2CA-B3E Start with strength of 50
9 106-2F8-B3E Start with IQ of 10
10 306-2F8-B3E Start with IQ of 30
11 506-2F8-B3E Start with IQ of 50
12 155-658-2AA Start with 15 coins
13 405-658-2AA Start with 40 coins
14 605-658-2AA Start with 60 coins
15 FAC-0AF-4C1 No energy replacement
Ultima Runes Of Virtue is a trademark of Origin Systems, Inc. and
Richard Garriott.

Universal Soldier(tm) Game
1 00A-5AF-3BE Infinite time
2 055-D1E-E66 Start with 5 lives
3 075-D1E-E66 Start with 7 lives
4 095-D1E-E66 Start with 9 lives
5 C93-EEF-E69 Infinite lives
6 056-ACE-E66 Start with 5 power lines
7 076-ACE-E66 Start with 7 power lines
8 096-ACE-E66 Start with 9 power lines
9 008-7AC-3BE Infinite energy
10 00C-50E-3BA + 00C-4BE-3BE Fewer enemies on each
Universal Soldier is a trademark of Carolco.

Wario Blast Featuring Bomberman(tm) Game
1 00A-5BF-3B7 Infinite time
2 03F-87E-E6E Start with 300 seconds
3 083-F1A-F7A Collect up to 8 extra bomb power-ups
4 046-C7D-E6E Start with 4 extra bomb power-ups
5 046-CBD-E6A Start with 4 explosion expander
6 210-3BB-4C1 + 000-13B-5D4 Start on round 3-3
7 210-3BB-4C1 + 3C0-13B-5D4 Start on round 3-Boss
8 003-EFA-3B7 Extra bomb power-ups don't do anything
9 003-D7A-3B7 Explosion expanders don't do anything
Wario Blast is a trademark of Nintendo of America Inc. Bomberman is a trademark of Hudson Soft Co.

Wario Land(tm) Super Mario Land 3(tm) Game
Please take note: Because of the way Wario Land uses battery backup
RAM, this cart will not work on some Game Genie/Game Boy
combinations. There is nothing we can do about this. If you think you
will not enjoy the experience of trying the codes and finding that
they do not work, then please do not try. (One thing that sometimes
helps is installing fresh batteries or using an adequate power
1 10B 7D8 F7E Start with 10 lives
2 25B 7D8 F7E Start with 25 lives
3 50B 7D8 F7E Start with 50 lives
4 99B 7D8 F7E Start with 99 lives
5 00B 7E8 E6E Start as Small Wario(tm)
6 02B 7E8 E6E Start as Bull Wario(tm)
7 03B 7E8 E6E Start as Jet Wario(tm)
8 04B 7E8 E6E Start as Dragon Wario(tm)
9 FAD 63F 4C1 Don't lose current power-up when you get hit
or get a new power-up (switchable)
10 10B 7C8 E6A Start with 10 hearts
11 25B 7C8 E6A Start with 25 hearts
12 50B 7C8 E6A Start with 50 hearts
13 99B 7C8 E6A Start with 99 hearts
14 10B 7B8 E6A Start with 10 coins
15 25B 7B8 E6A Start with 25 coins
16 50B 7B8 E6A Start with 50 coins
17 99B 7B8 E6A Start with 99 coins
18 01B 7F8 E6A Start on course 26
19 103 E4F E6E Get 10 hearts for killing an enemy
20 253 E4F E6E Get 25 hearts for killing an enemy
21 503 E4F E6E Get 50 hearts for killing an enemy
22 993 E4F E6E Get 99 hearts for killing an enemy
23 003 AAB E62 +C96 C0C 4C1 Most enemies and obstacles are
Wario Land, Super Mario Land 3, Wario, Small Wario, Bull Wario, Jet
Wario and Dragon Wario are trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc.

Wave Race (tm) Game
1 002-40E-19A No turbo boost
2 002-CAE-19E Infinite turbo boost
3 3E9-65B-6EA + 029-66B-E66 + 009-67B-5D4 Start with 800cc bike
4 3E9-65B-6EA + 019-66B-E66 + 009-67B-5D4 Start with 650cc bike
5 003-B7A-6E2 No lap timer
Wave Race is a trademark of Nintendo of America, Inc.

WCW: The Main Event Wrestling(tm) Game
1 C95 D9E 3BA Never regain any energy
2 096 3EE E6E Computer does massive damage
3 186 06E 2AA + AF6 05E A28 1st hit kills
4 003 3ED E6E Infinite time
5 023 3ED E6E Faster timer
WCW: The Main Event is a trademark of Fujisankei Communications International, Inc.

Wild Snake(tm) Game
1 3E2-7ED-2AA + 032-7FD-3BD All snakes are shorter
2 3E3-15D-08F + 013-16D-7F4 Only plain yellow snakes fall
3 3E3-15D-08F + 023-16D-7F4 Only zig-zag snakes fall
4 3E3-15D-08F + 033-16D-7F4 Only dark dotted snakes fall
5 3E3-15D-08F + 043-16D-7F4 Only light dotted snakes fall
6 3E3-15D-08F + 053-16D-7F4 Only dark striped snakes fall
7 3E3-15D-08F + 063-16D-7F4 Only light striped snakes fall
8 3E3-15D-08F + 073-16D-7F4 Only vertically striped snakes fall
9 3E3-15D-08F + 083-16D-7F4 Only checkered snake snakes fall
10 3E3-15D-08F + 0A3-16D-7F4 Only skeleton snakes fall
11 3E3-15D 08F + 0B3-16D-7F4 Only temporarally invisable snakes fall
12 3E3-15D-08F + 0C3-16D-7F4 Only dark snakes fall
13 3E3-15D-08F + 0D3-16D-7F4 Only wild snakes fall
14 3E3-15D-08F + 0E3-16D.-7F4 Only king cobra snakes fall
15 3E6-DFD-081 + 3E6-E1D-C49 + 306-E2D-19A Collect 1 snake in King Cobra mode and finish level
16 FAB-1EF-4C1 Infinite time in King Cobra mode
17 3E5-53B-081 + 015-54B-C47 + 005-55B-F71 Snakes fall very fast
18 3E5-53B-081 + 005-54B-C47 + 005-55B-F71 Snakes fall extremely fast
19 3E5-53B-081 + 055-54B-C47 + 005-55B-F71 Snakes fall slower
20 3E5-53B-081 + 1F5-54B-C47 + 005-55B-F71 Snakes fall very slow
21 3E5-53B-081 + AF5-54B-C47 + 005-55B-F71 Snakes fall extremely slow
Wild Snakes is a trademark of Bullet Proof Software

WordZap(tm) Game
1 01B-C9E-F7A Start with only 1 hint
2 05B-C9E-F7A Start with 5 hints
3 09B-C9E-F7A Start with 9 hints
4 01B-CEE-E66 Start with 1 chance
5 09B-CEE-E66 Start with 9 chances
6 008-70F-3BE Infinite hints
WordZap is a trademark of Michael F.C. Crick.

World Bowling(tm) Game
1 3E6 94B F71 + FF6 95B C4E Always bowl at full power
2 3E3 44A 08F + 0A3 45A A28 Get a spare even if you miss
World bowling is trademark of Romstar Inc.

World Circuit Series(tm) Game
1 00C-A0E-19E No loss of speed on course you take your
finger from acceleration button
2 00A-E2E-3BE No loss of speed when you leave course„
except hitting walls
3 003-84F-3BE + C93-85F-E69 No qualifying timer
World Circuit Series is a trademark of Ultra Software Corporation.

WWF: King of the Ring(tm) Game
1 00C 0FD E6E No out of ring timer
WWF: King of the Ring is a trademark of Titan Sports

Xenon 2(tm) Game
1 FA4-16D-4C1 Infinite energy
2 013-08F-A22 Start with very little energy
3 053-08F-A22 Start with 1/3 energy
4 093-08F-A22 Start with 1/2 energy
5 002-04F-5D4 Start with 2,222,222 points
6 011-75C-F7E Start with 1 life
7 051-75C-F7E Start with 5 lives
8 0A1-75C-F7E Start with 10 lives
9 FA2-EBF-4C1 Infinite lives
10 002-F4F-5D4 When you die you get an awesome ship--for a
11 C96-DBC-6EE Purchases at shop are free
Xenon 2 is a trademark of The Bitmap Brothers.

Yoshi(tm) Game
1 003-BBE-193 At random intervals, 1 block
comes down instead of 2
2 3EC-70D-081 + 06C-71D-2AC + 22C-72D-F71 When setup
screen appears, go to level
select, push right once to start
on level 6
3 3EC-70D-081 + 08C-71D-2AC + 22C-72D-F71 When setup
screen appears, go to level
select, push right once to start
on level 8
4 00C-71B-3BA No timer for game B
Yoshi is a trademark of Nintendo of America Inc.

Zen Intergalactic Ninja(tm) Game
1 01A-3ED-F7E Instant staff power-up--just hold down B
2 015-91F-E66 Start with only 1 life
3 055-91F-E66 Start with 5 lives
4 0A5-91F-E66 Start with 10 lives
5 FA9-6DE-4C1 Infinite lives
6 FA1-B1A-4C1 No energy loss against fire
7 FAF-DAD-4C1 No energy loss against hang-on enemies
8 FA3-36B-4C1 + FA2-A4B-4C1 Infinite energy aganst bullets and
most enemies
9 051-668-C42 Start lives with 1/2 energy
10 071-668-C42 Start each life with 7 energy points
Zen Intergalactic Ninja is a trademark of Zen Comics, Inc.

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